Wenty Leagues’ Long-Term Impact on Children’s Learning and Wellbeing

by Rebecca Gauci | Jun 05,2023

Children and adolescents throughout the Cumberland Local Government Area continue to receive life-changing support for their learning, development and wellbeing thanks to Wenty Leagues’ generous funding of speech therapy, psychology, literacy and numeracy programs in schools.

The club has a long-term partnership with Learning Links, a not-for-profit organisation that has been providing evidence-based programs to empower children with learning difficulties and disabilities for over 50 years. Over the last five years, Wenty Leagues has committed more than $175,000 through its ClubGRANTS program to extend Learning Links’ support to 200 students in local primary and high schools.

“Wenty Leagues has had a long-standing relationship with Learning Links and we are proud that our support has helped take their programs to local schools to assist students experiencing learning difficulties, as well as mental health issues, along with their families and educators. We are honoured our ongoing support is helping to change the lives of so many children and families in the local community, so they may go on to achieve their full potential,” says Stuart Jamieson, Wenty Leagues Chief Operations Officer.

In the current school year, funding has enabled Learning Links to offer an ongoing speech, language and communication intervention program at Holroyd High School. The program targets students who are at risk of poor academic and social outcomes due to underlying speech and/or language difficulties that impact their learning. The interventions help to improve the students’ ability and confidence to communicate effectively with others, contribute to class discussions and express their interests and needs.

Learning Links’ psychologists are also running small group programs with primary school students. These evidence-based programs are for children experiencing mental health challenges and help to build skills with managing emotions, building peer relationships and overall wellbeing. They are also upskilling teachers and parents to better understand educational and psycho-social challenges to support the mental health and socio-emotional development of children.

Learning Links CEO, Birgitte Maibom, says, “The generous funding that Learning Links receives from partners like Wenty Leagues makes a life-changing difference. Most of the students who participate in our in-school programs would otherwise miss out on this vital support at such a crucial time in their lives, when it can truly impact their future success. We are incredibly grateful to Wenty Leagues for enabling us to work with these schools and extend our support to more children in need each year.”

Learning Links’ school-based speech therapy, psychology, and literacy and numeracy programs are delivered in small groups and one-to-one for students who require more targeted support. They focus on skill development in the areas that students experience difficulties in, but ultimately lead to greater confidence, self-esteem and belief in their abilities, so that they can effectively learn alongside their peers.

Wenty Leagues also provides generous support to Learning Links through its Charity Housie sessions, which run at the club Monday through to Saturday.

Learning Links is a not-for-profit charitable organisation established in 1972 that empowers over 5,000 children each year to learn, develop and thrive. Learning Links works in partnership with families, schools and communities to provide evidence-based program that help children gain vital skills and confidence, while building the capacity of teachers and other professionals to support them. Our vision is to create a community where difficulties learning are no longer a barrier to a fulfilling life. Visit www.learninglinks.org.au for more information.