Wenty Leagues is a founding member of Betsafe.

To promote the Responsible Service of Gaming, Wenty Leagues has a policy which complies with the various acts of Parliament that apply to the Registered Clubs Industry.This policy will be implemented for the benefit of our members, their guests and the community in general.

The Club encourages responsible practices in advertising and promotions to ensure that the Club is not providing inducements to gamble. Signage to promote Responsible Gaming and where to seek help are posted in the gaming area and also throughout the Club. Wenty Leagues will not under any circumstances provide cash on credit cards or the cashing of cheques.

Members and/or visitors to Wenty Leagues have the right to exclude themselves from the Club. In order to provide support and advice, the Club’s Managers are trained to be a confidential point of contact for the club’s patrons, or the families of patrons, who believe they may have a problem with gambling. Wenty Leagues encourages those patrons who self-exclude to keep in contact with the Club so that the Club can assist wherever possible.

Providing information and training to Club staff on problem gambling is essential.The concept of patron and employee care can help reduce problem gambling in the Club. Staff are trained to ensure discretion in matters involving problem gamblers.