At Wenty Leagues we are embarking on an extraordinary transformative renovation to evolve your Entertainment Hub.

You may start to notice some changes in the club, as we work to create the ultimate destination for entertainment, leisure and relaxation. The comprehensive renovation will see enhancements to the club’s existing facilities, including:

Wenty Cafe & Lounge will be undergoing a transformation to expand into a more comfortable and enjoyable space with additional seating, where you can relax, socialise and indulge in food and entertainment offerings.

Wenty Stage will be rebuilt from scratch, to offer up a first-rate entertainment experience for all patrons, along with a bigger dancefloor, so there will be plenty of room to bust a move.

– As part of our build, we will be prioritising accessibility and inclusivity, enhancing access for mobility and visually impaired individuals, where the Starlight Room becomes more accessible, ensuring that Wenty Leagues remains a community hub for all.

During the project, members and guests can still enjoy all the usual activities in the club and offerings at The Plaza will be unaffected with Chef’s Grill, Pizza Mama, and Red Panda Noodles continuing to delight your taste buds.

Below is a sneak peak of the finished result we are working towards unveiling in May 2025.

We welcome you to join us on this exciting journey, as we will be providing regular updates of our progress along the way, including exclusive sneak peeks, changes in the club and other special announcements. To ensure you stay up to date, make sure you opt in to receive email communication and follow us on our social channels – @wentyleagues.

Get ready to experience a new era of entertainment at Wenty Leagues as we evolve your Entertainment Hub into the ultimate destination for entertainment, leisure and relaxation.

Got questions? Check out our FAQ’s here.

Get ready for an epic culinary transformation! Starting mid-January, the beloved Wenty Cafe is gearing up for a temporary relocation into our current CHAR space and renamed ‘The Café‘. The Café will be serving up all of your favourite Wenty classic dishes and introducing exciting new favourites into the mix, to tantalise your tastebuds.

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