Wenty Leagues is committed to providing its Members and visitors with a high standard of facilities and services.

The Club expects all members and visitors to dress in an appropriate manner at all times when attending any Club premises.

Club Management will adopt a “Neat and Tidy” standard taking into consideration current fashions and reserve the right to refuse entry to any person whose attire does not meet the required standards.

The following guidelines outline examples acceptable and unacceptable items of footwear and clothing, but are not limited to:


– Football shorts, stubbies, board shorts or brief shorts
– Sleeveless shirts
– Swim wear or undergarments as clothing
– Torn clothing
– Bike shorts
– Rubber thongs after 7pm
– Bare feet
– Sports caps
– Bandanna headwear


– Neat and tidy sports apparel
– Camouflage clothing
– Slides/sandals/scuffs
– Ugg boots