Wenty helps the local community

by Christopher Baluyot | Mar 10,2012

Each year local welfare organisations apply for funding from Wenty

Leagues and other local clubs through the ClubGrants scheme.

Applications for funding are ranked by a Committee which includes

Holroyd City Council and Holroyd Interagency representing local charities.

On Thursday 9 August local organisations were presented with over

$360,000 in grants, of which Wenty Leagues was the largest benefactor

providing grants in excess of $160,000 to 13 projects (one of which was

joint funded with another club).

$18,000 Bridge for Asylum Seekers Foundation

$17,444 Cumberland Women’s Health Centre Inc

$12,870 Holroyd High School P&C Association

$4,000 Hospital Art Australia Inc

$40,000 Mars Hill Café Inc

$9,220 Parramatta West Public School P&C

$3,600 Royal Rehabilitation Centre

$3,575 St Anthony’s Parish Church

$6,800 Technical Aid to the Disabled

$10,000 The Australian Genies

$19,570 The Hills Holroyd Parramatta Migrant Resource Centre

$11,775 Toongabbie District Girl Guides

$3,550 Toongabbie Legal Centre Inc

We wish all of the recipients the best of luck with their projects and look

forward to hearing about their success.

ClubGRANT Recipients