Wenty Chefs Impress

by Christopher Baluyot | Feb 04,2012


Chefs Woottisak ‘Woody’ Simhong and Caleb Smith recently became

Top 12 Finalists out of 1,200 registered NSW Clubs for their innovation

and creativity in the kitchen.

Our very own chefs represented Wenty Leagues in the ClubsNSW’s

2012 Chef’s Table, a fierce culinary competition that aims to a

cknowledge the best Chefs working in clubs across NSW.

As Top 12 Finalists, the Chefs were required to prepare a three course

dinner for 24 lucky guests and a panel of 3 renowned and critical judges

in Lucido Restaurant.

The dinner took place on Tuesday 20 March following some strict rules


1. Each guests total meal cost couldn’t exceed $18 (exc. GST);

2. One of the courses had to incorporate the Key Ingredient, Avocado; and

3. No one could help the Chef’s prepare and cook the meal.

With the challenge set, the Chefs set out to prepare three outstanding

dishes for guests to enjoy. Time was a major factor on the night with marks

being awarded on the appropriate timeliness of service and the temperature

of the dishes.

The appetite was whet with an entrée of tiger prawns, Tom Yum consommé

jelly, wild mushroom salsa, coconut mousse and tomato caviar.

After that explosion of flavour, everybody was ready for the main meal as it

was sure to please the palate. Main was made up of macadamia and rosemary

crust lamb backstrap and heirloom carrots, lamb crepinette and carrot

dauphinoise, and sous-vide lamb neck with carrot puree.

With no sight of avocado in the first two courses, everybody anticipated its

appearance in dessert, something the head judge admitted was something

he had never heard of, let alone tried, before.

After a short wait, everybody was presented with a glorious Trilogy of Avocado

that featured avocado ice-cream in tuile cone, avocado and dark chocolate tart,

and avocado and lime marshmallow.

The dinner was a unique and adventurous tastebud experience. The Chefs

wowed the judges and had the guests wanting more.

The Chefs are now in the running for the prestigious Gold ClubsNSW Chef’s

Table Award for Excellence. Overall competition winners will be announced

Friday 1 June 2012.

We are very proud of their efforts and wish them the best of luck.


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