The power of Laughter for Sick Kids!

by Rebecca Gauci | Oct 19,2023









We recently had the exciting opportunity to head to The Humour Foundation to experience the Clown Doctor Program at Westmead Children’s Hospital.

CEO Glenn Kovacs and a small number of Wenty staff were able to witness the fantastic work of the amazing Dr Toot and Dr Squish, as they brought the pure joy and smiles to all the children’s faces (as well as the adults), with their laughter, singing, and clowning around!

The incredible work of The Clown Doctors Program not only provides comic relief to those that are going through extraordinarily tough times, but it also acts as an assistance in keeping patients calm and at ease whilst medical staff complete their required procedures.

We continue to take great pride in our community collaboration with The Humour Foundation, and we feel incredibly lucky to be able to play such a small part in supporting this amazing cause.