Starlight Make a Wish Foundation

by Christopher Baluyot | Jul 02,2014

A Starlight Wish is like a dream come true for a seriously ill child or young person. Sharing a

special, once-in- a-life time wish brings a family together, and is an experience that

stays with them forever.

Wenty Leagues has recently helped grant a wish with a $6,500 grant to the Starlight Children’s

Foundation. A Starlight Wish provides meaningful experiences, has life-impacting benefits

and is an opportunity to share in a dream come true. A Starlight Wish gives the whole family a

break from the stress of their child’s illness. Fulfilled wishes provide lasting memories for the child,

and it’s rare that a day goes by without the family mentioning their special experience.

In 2013, the Starlight Children’s Foundation granted some 420 wishes throughout Australia!

Some of the granted wishes included holidays where families travelled together to enjoy a

shared experience and memories that will last for years. The Gold Coast, with its warm weather

and theme parks, remains the most popular wish travel destination.

Celebrity wishes were high on the list with kids meeting their heroes including One Direction,

Taylor Swift and Beyonce who all toured in Australia last year.

Other wishes included bedroom make overs, new computers and puppies or spending the night at

Taronga Zoo and holding a koala bear for the first time.

One child was able to catch-a-wave with surfing legend Mick Fanning while another showcased their

acting skills with a walk-on role in their favourite TV show, Home and Away.

Starlight Children's Make a Wish

The Starlight Children’s Foundation hopes to grant 500 wishes in 2014 which means granting

more than a wish a day. If you would like to help grant a wish, visit,

email or phone 1300 727 827.