Ready To Set Sail

by Christopher Baluyot | Mar 29,2012

Wenty Leagues’ recent $4,000 grant to build a pontoon for disabled

children has brought smiles to everyone involved.

The program receiving the grant, Sailability Australia, give kids with

mental or physical disabilities the chance sail every week.

Students from the Holroyd Special School are met by volunteers to set

sail from the new pontoon, at Dobroyd Aquatic Centre in Five Dock, weekly.

The $4,000 grant helped pay with the widening of the ramp access ramp,

an extension of the dock and the installation of cranes to help kids who

are physically challenged get into modified sail boats.

Teachers from the special school and Sailability volunteers say the kids’

day on the water gives them freedom they would otherwise not experience,

and is the highlight of their week.

Sailability is always looking for volunteers and appreciates any donation

to continue running this program.

For more information about Sailability Dobroyd, please contact:

Robert Domone – Volunteer Co-ordinator


Mike Cuming – Fundraising Officer

0408 285 028

Dobroyd's new pontoon

Disabled kids enjoy sailing