Wenty Leagues is overjoyed to be named as a finalist in the 2022 ClubsNSW Clubs & Community Awards for 3 initiatives in 3 award categories including:


‘Mini’ Fit

When healthy habits are created at a young age it sets children up to maintain healthy lifestyles as they grow older reducing the risk of heart disease and obesity. Especially in today’s digital world, being active has never been more important for both physical and mental development and it is important to provide the right type of information to educate young people in our society.

Minifit Clinics are free fitness sessions for kids run by NRL football great, Anthony Minichiello. It was developed as a great way to encourage health, fitness and wellbeing amongst kids. Wenty Leagues was the first to support and run the Minifit Clinic at Ringrose Oval and since then, have consistently run clinics during every school holidays. Wenty Leagues provides support in the form of funding and the donation of the Ringrose Park to use as the grounds to conduct each session.

Fostering Grassroots Sport

Blues Wheelchair Basketball

The Blues Wheelchair Basketball Club supports individuals with a disability to be active through the sport of wheelchair basketball. The club takes an all-inclusive approach providing programs for all ages, male and female as well as accepting able bodied individuals who want to participate in the game. Additionally, it provides a pathway and outlet for physical activity for individuals with a disability, their family and friends to foster stronger relationships.

The continued support of Wenty Leagues by providing funding over the last nineteen years has enabled the team to compete at the highest level in Australia. It has also benefited individual players by developing unique talents for them to potentially compete on a professional level.

Mental Health & Social Wellbeing

Unstoppable Kids – Positive Mental Health Program for Big Kids

Wenty Leagues provided funding $51,235 to support UNSTOPPABLE KIDS, a 14-week program designed to help kids, aged 7 to 17 understand symptoms of ‘adverse mental health’ (stress, anxiety, depression). The program teaches coping strategies & plans to prevent the illness and cultivate mental strength and a positive mental health by learning resilience, confidence, self-awareness and communication skills, enabling them to harness their personal strengths and learn to set goals for a better future.

The Clubs & Community Awards recognise outstanding social contributions made by clubs in our community. We look forward to the winners being announced in May.