Sports Lunch NRL Calcutta

by Rebecca Gauci | Apr 21,2024

On Friday 19 April, we hosted our inaugural Sports Lunch NRL Calcutta, uniting footy fans, community leaders, suppliers and special guests, all under one roof to support Family of League.

The shared passion for sports was felt throughout the event, with passionate panels from our guest speakers, who shared their wisdom and experiences in a Q&A with our MC, Anthony Maroon. We were thrilled to be joined by Anthony Minichiello, Corban Baxter, Luke Lewis and Josh Reynolds. And then there was Brad Blaze, who had the audience in awe as they witnessed his creativity come alive.

The passion was also in the air as attendees outbid each other to ‘buy’ their team in the NRL Calcutta parts of the day.

Over $15,000 was raised during the lunch, which will directly benefit Family of League.

Thank you to our sponsors LION, Coca Cola and Mortimer Wines for your contributions to the day, and thank you to all who attended, and made this day unforgettable.

At Wenty Leagues, we believe in community, compassion, and giving back. Let’s continue to champion sports, unity, and positive impact!a