Entry Information

Wenty Leagues is registered as a COVID-Safe venue and adheres to our COVID-Safe Management Plan. Our number one priority and commitment has always been the safety and wellbeing of our community.

Upon listening to member feedback from research conducted prior to our re-opening, 11 October 2021, the decision has been made to continue with our mandatory vaccination policy. This means it is a requirement for all members, guests, staff and contractors to continue to show proof they are fully vaccinated, or have a medical exemption, to be allowed to enter until at least 31 January 2022*

The Club has decided to permit entry only to fully vaccinated people. The Club made this decision for the following reasons:

  • The Club has a duty to ensure the health and safety of staff and customers under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW), and under general law.
  • Those who are not fully vaccinated have a higher risk of transmitting the coronavirus to workers and patrons. For instance, the Doherty Modelling Report, prepared for the National Cabinet, states that people fully vaccinated with the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines have an overall reduction in transmission of 79% and 93%, respectively.
  • Moreover, subclause 1.3(f) of the Public Health (COVID-19 General) Order 2021 states “the risk [to public health in NSW] is from and among people who remain unvaccinated because these people are more likely to be infected, more at risk of severe illness and death resulting from infection with SARS-CoV-2, and more likely to transmit the infection to others, than fully vaccinated people”.
  • Given the overwhelming research supporting these findings, precluding patrons who are not fully vaccinated will reduce the likelihood that fully vaccinated staff and patrons will be exposed to the coronavirus, or contract COVID-19.
  • While the Club is implementing other controls to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission, as outlined in its COVID-19 safety plan, the level of mitigation from excluding those who are not fully vaccinated cannot be achieved through other available controls.
*This decision to be reviewed by the Board of Directors at the January 2022 meeting

QR Code Check-in

Wenty Leagues is required to use the NSW Government QR code system to enter our venue.

Prior to your next visit we recommend downloading the SERVICE NSW APP by clicking the following link – https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/covid-safe-check-in

Upon arrival, please complete the following steps:

  • STEP 1 – Use your smartphone camera to scan the QR code at our entrance or prior to entering whilst in line
  • STEP 2 – Tap the link that pops up on your screen
  • STEP 3 – Follow the Service NSW App prompts to Check-In (remember to add any dependants)
  • STEP 4 – Show your Check-In confirmation to a Reception Staff member and answer any screening questions
  • STEP 5 – Upon leaving Check-Out using the Service NSW App


If you don’t have a smartphone our friendly staff will assist you

To ensure patrons can enjoy our facilities within a COVID-Safe environment, further measures will also apply :

  • Capacity Limits will be strictly enforced in line with the 1:2 square metre rule
  • Facemasks are compulsory in all indoor settings for staff and patrons unless eating or drinking
  • Restrictions on singing or dancing apply
  • Answer screening questions
  • Collecting visitor information
  • Adhere to hygiene requirements – sanitising hands
  • Maintaining 1.5m social distancing
  • Visitors may now enter as a temporary member should they meet the ‘residing outside of 5km rule’

Management have the right to refuse entry to patrons who have recently come from a COVID-19 affected areas. For current locations click here – COVID-19 Locations.

We ask that if you are feeling unwell to not visit the Club

Please note that the above may be subject to change as we continue to take the advice of NSW Government, NSW Health and our peak industry body, ClubsNSW.

Thank you for your cooperation.