Magpies Family Fun Day

by Christopher Baluyot | Jul 24,2012

The annual Magpies Family Fun Day hosted by Wenty Leagues on

Sunday 22 July 2012 was a great success.

The crowd were treated to three fantastic games of rugby league

with two victories to the Wenty Magpies in the Sydney Shield and

Bundy Cup competitions, however suffering an upsetting loss in

the NSW Cup.

The Magpies come out on top in the Sydney Shield and the Bundy

Cup matches against St Johns Eagles with 62-16 and 72-0 wins

respectively. In the NSW Cup, the Magpies played a fierce game

against the visiting North Sydney Bears but the match ultimately

resulted in a 30-24 upset.

The Fun Day also saw mums, dads and the kids enjoying free

rides, a jumping castle and petting zoo.

The day saw the Wenty Leagues District Football Club raise

$900 for the Paint Holroyd REaD program that endeavours to

improve community literacy rates by encouraging reading to

children from birth


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