Joining RFS’ Supportive Employer Program

by Christopher Baluyot | Apr 22,2013


This past summer will be remembered as one that suffered the adverse and

unpredictable weather conditions of the harsh Australian climate. As many

people struggled with the summer heat and soaring temperatures, the fires

became a focal point for many Australians including those who needed help,

those brave enough to fight for the safety of others and people who felt more

needed to be done to aid in a time of crisis.

The Wentworthville Leagues Club Board and Management discussed the

unfortunate events that swept across the state of New South Wales with many

empathising with those who were affected. In January, the Board introduced

a Policy which aims to assist our staff who work for volunteer disaster relief


Wenty Leagues staff such as Food and Beverage Manager Adam Streichler,

who assisted with the Coonabarabran fires during the week ending 18 January,

initially took annual leave to fight the fires. As a token of goodwill, the Board

reinstated Adam’s Annual Leave and implemented Emergency Service Leave

which sees staff receive a week’s worth of paid leave in addition to Annual


Wenty Leagues has always strived to stand out as a leader and employer

of choice in the local community and this policy is a great example of how we

work in the interest of the community. The official launch of the Supportive

Employer Program, which was held at Wenty Leagues on Wednesday 6 March,

was attended by Michael Gallacher the Minister for Police and Emergency

Services, Shane Fitzsimmons the Commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service

and volunteer firefighters who praised Wenty Leagues’ introduction of

Emergency Service Leave.


Wenty Leagues joins the RFS' Supportive Employer Program

Wenty Leagues F&B Manager Adam Streichler fights the fires


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